Commission Free Auction

Come Join In on the PREMIUM AUCTION Bidding! Date TBD!

With the many activities of the Limestone County Fair, our Commission Free Auction is one you don't want to miss.  Through the support of our community, many volunteer hours, amazing sponsors, and dedicated buyers LCFA is pleased to say that we are able to offer a commission free auction for the youth.   

Through out the many years of showing most participants use the proceeds to purchase their next project, provide feed, and even much needed supplies for the next show year.  With that being said they always have in mind their future goals.  As they approach their Senior year the participants have already been able to put aside monies earned through the years for college and/or trade schools.

Many individuals may think that being a supporter of the auction is not financially possible, but through the  efforts of our many buyer's groups even the smallest donation can lead to a great contribution.  We also always provide add on sheets, so that ANY exhibitor in the fair can have the opportunity to have funds donated to them. 

2019 Limestone County Fair Top Buyer

LCFA would like to send out a heartfelt thank you to Citizens State Bank, our 2019 Top Buyer! They showed up in a big way and supported our youth of Limestone County! Be sure to go by and thank them for their support of the fair!


Buyer Registration and Add on Form

If you would like to pre-register as a buyer for this years Commission Free Youth Auction and support the youth of Limestone County, please print out and complete the Buyer Registration Form and follow delivery instructions on form.

We have also made available through download LCFA Add On sheets to make it easier for you to turn in this year. 

LCFA Buyer Registration Form (pdf)


ADD ON SHEET 2020 (pdf)


2020 Sale Order

Official Sale Order List for the 2020 Limestone County Fair

Files coming soon.

2020 Corporate Sponsors