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Who We Are


The Limestone County Fair Association is  a non-profit 501(c)3 organization with the purpose of helping the youth  of our community.  We have diligently worked since 2001 to sustain a  commission-free auction driven by the proceeds obtained from raffle  tickets sales, concession stand profits and most importantly, from the  generous contributions of local community members through various fund  raising events and business sponsorships.  The LCFA Board is fully  comprised of volunteers that have a heart for agriculture and seeing our  youth succeed.  The Limestone County Fair Association membership is  open to anyone who resides in Limestone County without regards to race,  creed, color, or religious affiliation;  each member has the option to  purchase a Lifetime Family Membership or Yearly Family Membership.   

The  Limestone County Fair Association does not own the Limestone County  Fairgrounds.  We reserve the facilities each year to provide the youth  of Limestone County an opportunity to grow in the field of agriculture  and Family and Consumer Sciences. 

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